What is BelaySAFE?

BelaySAFE is a friction adjustable fall reduction system designed to minimize the risk of human error in belaying. Safety is paramount in climbing gyms. But with poorly trained or inattentive belayers, falls and injuries can happen. This is where BelaySAFE comes in.

Built for safety

BelaySAFE helps everyone climb safe and belay safer. Developed by a gym owner for climbing gyms worldwide, it is a game changer for gym owners and climbers alike. Find out how BelaySAFE is built for safety.

See how BelaySAFE allows for a controlled descent and an optimal weight dispersion between climber and belayer.

Climb safe, belay safer

BelaySAFE has two modes of usage – active and passive. Once anchored and calibrated, BelaySAFE makes it easy for anyone to start belaying safely and confidently. In the event of a belayer error, BelaySAFE slows down the rate of descent to lower the risk of injury to the climber.