What is BelaySAFE

BelaySAFE is a friction adjustable fall reduction system designed to minimize the risk of human error in belaying. Safety is paramount in climbing gyms. But with poorly trained or inattentive belayers, falls and injuries can happen. This is where BelaySAFE comes in.

BelaySAFE’s revolutionary anchor system makes use of friction to ensure a slow and controlled descent of the climber, in the event of a belaying error or top-rope fall. This also buys time for the belayer to react.

Belayers of all ages can look forward to a more enjoyable experience with the aid of BelaySAFE. The device disperses the climber’s weight at the anchor point, thereby allowing a relatively lighter belayer to belay a heavier climber without the use of weight bags.

BelaySAFE has been engineered and tested to meet EN 15151-2 and UIAA 129 standards for belay devices. It is currently patent pending in the USA, with International PCT patent protection in 152 countries.


Multiple Fail-safes
Has 4 sprag clutches to lock up the pulleys. Even with one functioning clutch, the braking force remains at 50%.


Friction Adjustable
Recommended for 10-11mm diameter dynamic single ropes. A quick and simple calibration is all you need to get started.


Cost Saving
Pays for itself by doubling the useful life of your ropes. The pulley system reduces shear forces on the rope.


Tried, Tested & Proven
With over 1,000,000 hours of real-world usage in climbing gyms across Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines.


CE and UIAA Certified
With strict compliance to EN 15151-2 and UIAA 129 standards for belay devices.


Patent Pending in USA
International PCT patent protection in 152 countries.

Built for Safety

BelaySAFE helps everyone climb safe and belay safer. It is a game changer for gym owners and climbers alike. Developed by a gym owner for climbing gyms worldwide.

Using BelaySAFE

BelaySAFE has 2 modes of usage – Active and Passive. Once anchored and calibrated, BelaySAFE makes it easy for anyone to start belaying safely and confidently. In the event of a belayer error, BelaySAFE slows down the rate of descent to lower the risk of injury to the climber.

Active Mode

As a primary belay device in a top rope system. The active mode is great for first-time belayers who do not have to wear a harness or spend hours learning the correct belaying technique.

Passive Mode

As a secondary fail-safe device when paired with a regular belay device. The passive mode protects the climber from belaying errors made by inexperienced or inattentive belayers.

Calibrating BelaySAFE

BelaySAFE must be calibrated to set an optimal level of friction before its first use. The optimal level of friction will achieve utility without compromising on safety. It should help the average adult climber descend safely in the event where the belayer releases the rope entirely, while still allowing for a controlled descent of the lightest climber.

BelaySAFE should be recalibrated whenever there is a change in variables that affect the friction required. These include the height of the wall, type of rope and extent of wear. A calibration check should also be performed at least once a month to ensure that the level of friction remains optimal.

Calibrate BelaySAFE Easily

Before performing calibration, you will need to ensure that BelaySAFE is securely anchored, with a rope correctly looping through its pulley system.

  1. Determine the lower weight limit of climbers whom your climbing gym is expected to serve, for instance, a 44.0lb child.
  2. Attach a 44.0lb load to the climber’s end of the rope. Hoist the load to about 6.6ft above ground.
  3. Tension both sides of the rope.
  4. Release the belayer’s end of the rope. The load should remain stationary on the wall. Otherwise, increase the friction setting until the load becomes stationary.
  5. Feed the belayer’s end of the rope upwards towards BelaySAFE. The load should come down, a sign that you have achieve the optimal level of friction. If not, the friction setting is too high, and you will need to adjust it further.

Care & Maintenance

The lifespan and performance of BelaySAFE depends on how well the product is cared for, maintained and stored. Follow these useful tips to keep your BelaySAFE in good working condition and prolong its lifespan:

  1. Send BelaySAFE for factory service once every two years, if used in active mode.
  2. Set BelaySAFE down carefully. Do not drop it from any height.
  3. Ensure that foreign matter does not enter or remain in BelaySAFE’s housing.

“As a gym owner, safety is my utmost concern. But even with precautions in place, accidents do happen. The risks grow with fatigue, distractions, and new climbers who may lack safety knowledge and belaying experience. That inspired me to explore new ways to create a safer climbing experience. BelaySAFE became the answer. It allows for a controlled descent of the climber, even in the event of total belayer error. Whether your climbers are old, young or new to the sport, they too can enjoy the climb knowing that their safety is assured with BelaySAFE.”

Halil Ngah

Inventor, and Founder of Climb Asia

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